A. Introduction
Study abroad offers broad based benefits and outcomes for students keen to embark on international adventure and expereince, this was for a long time an important element in a fully-rounded academic education, for some time now Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has been endeavoring to encourage more students to go overseas on exchange for a period of study, an opportunity which is becoming increasingly relevant to the fast-growing need for graduates to become globally competent. Although some evaluation has been conducted on the value of the exchange experience shortly after the students return from their program abroad.

Tamkang University (TKU) Founded in 1950 as the Tamkang Junior College of English by Mr. Chang Chingsheng and his son Dr. Clement C. P. Chang, TKU was the first private college in Taiwan. It became the Tamkang College of Arts and Sciences in 1958, before being renamed as Tamkang University in 1980. As one of the first-established schools of higher education, TKU now has four campuses: the Tamsui Campus, the Taipei Campus, the Lanyang Campus, and the Cyber Campus; and 8 colleges, with a total of over 27,000 students, more than 2,100 faculty and staff members, and over 240,000 alumni.

Tamkang is a university of ideals, vision, and creativity. It sees the pursuit of excellence and ongoing innovation as the primary means of achieving sustainable management. Over the last 60-plus years since its foundation, TKU has focused on developing academic research, teaching, and learning services with an innovative spirit. It was the first university in Taiwan to employ Total Quality Management (TQM), which it introduced in 1992. In 2006, the Tamkang Quality Award was initiated to recognize outstanding departments committed to TQM. It has generated impressive results and garnered positive public feedback.

As one of the leading bussines colleges in Taiwan, TKU provided an integrated courses program for foreign students to learn about managemnt skills, bussiness and finance, all in one as “Bussiness and Management Over Globalization” this course aims to prepare international students to win the challenges in the future and also to equipe strong foundation in finance, global bussiness, managemnt and society changes. This course was attended by 30 international students, 6 universities from the different backgrounds (Tamkang University, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Tsuda College, Kinki University, Waseda University, Kyushu University) and 3 nations (Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia).

B. Purpose
Study abroad or exchange is being promoted more and more widely by univeristies and with increasing government support to encourage and enable students to gain international study experience, the aim of university to turn out widely educated and well-rounded individuals who are able to become effective global citizens, such global citizens need to be interculturally competent, in this course was to prepare the students to become success in the future on many aspect of study in finance, management and global bussiness.

C. Benefits

Benefits for the Students 

Participation in an overseas learning experience enables students to build their personal and social competence and intercultural understanding, including language skills. Some of other benefits that will be gained for personal and social competence : to enhance sense of self and personal identity, increace independence, maturity, confident and selfawarness, enhanced social competence, through confronting chalenges beyond their familiar environment and confort zone, opportunity to be ambassadors for the school, increased awareness of future study and career opportunities and broader comunity pasrticipants. And also other benefits in intercultural understanding : move beyond stereotypical views and attitudes, greater interest in global and international issues, increased proficiency in the use of another language, motivation to further engage with other cultures through future travel and consideration of employment opportunities overseas, a more global outlook on life, and a heightned sense of engagement with, and increase awareness and appreciation of different cultures, a deeper understanding of their own culture as distinct from others.

 It is more like what Jayden says “you’re more about others than yourself when you come home, you are more of a leader because of the skills you gain from the experience” Benefits for Universtity comunnity, For university comunnity, benefits includes:

  1. A school culture that: promotes a sense of belonging for every student, supports students personal growth, prepares all students for succes in an increasingly globalized and connected world.
  2. Opportunities to strengthen links with with individuals and groups in the wider comunnity to support and enhance international education programs.
  3. Enhanced connectedness between participants their families and the university.
  4. Development of and continuing support for sisteruniversity partnerships and other international links,
  5. Opportunities for families and friends attitudes and understandings to be broadened through contact with participating students.

the participation of students in the program will gain a great achievements of universities that will lead to a greater achievement to become a university that deserves to be taken in to globally University.

The benefits for Indonesia

This agenda participate and promote Indonesia as a first-class country in various fields in the future. Because competition in the future challanges students to become a leader and success is rooted in a broad experience and knowledge, in this course the students will not only develop awarness of global dynamics and finance market, but also equipe the needed skills and knowledge to meet future challenges.

D. TKU Summer Program Activities

a) Ice Breaking Session.
on August 2nd we had an Ice Breaking with 30 international students gather together on table and participate in small discussion and talk. Ice breaking is actualy an even to meet all students, and aims to congratulate the participants to enjoy on program, we met different style in approching each other because this session of ice breaking is actuay a “Drinking Beer” session, but we just had mineral water on our glass. Each participants met others and tell experiences, culture and customs in home country.

b) Welcoming Session
The vice president of Tamkang University welcomed us with a warm wellcome, it was taken place at the American Style Restaurant, on the session all professors and TKU comittees gather together in the restaurant to have a warm wellcome directly from the vice president of TKU, all students participated on this session and we served with a delicious american style cuisine, each students were invited to talk shortly about home country and university and expectation about Taiwan, after we finished our lunch we had a photo session with all partcipants and the program run so well.

c) Opening ceremony and doing global bussiness and Sit-In
Professor Jeng-Yan Tsai is a professor who leads on even on the first day of even on 3rd August at 8am -12am, he was a great professor in filed and in this session we participate on global bussiness which is attended by students from latin America, Indonesai, Japan, and Taiwan. This session is an introduction session, prof Tsai introduced bussiness and all aspect that we were about to do in the future, after we passed this session we continued to another session learning an international bussiness ethichs by prof. Chang Sheng-Hsing until 6pm. Sit-in class session was held for 4 days until august 6th, and it was started at 08.00-18.00, each professors presented a bussiness and finance whole day, the second day of the class was with Professor CheN, Kuo-Hua his idea about globalization and future developments was briliant, we were taught a Global Social changes and futue developments for 4 hours in the class, everyday we had an hour and thirdty minutes for lunch, and class will be started again in time at 13.30, this second day we met a new profesor that taught us about International cooperate finance, stock market and investment. On the third day 5th august we met professor Lin Joung-yoi for international financial market policies studies, we had a small discussion about financial market giving some arguments about our home financial industries and games, prof. Lin knew better about learning thecnique and making the class alive. On the last day of study we were taught Globalization Taiwan and International consumer and personal finance by Prof. Ji, Shun-Jie and Prof. Lu, I-Ting the calls was placed at Tamsui campus an International bussiness and managemnt buildings floor 7th.

d) Company Visit
This session is the session that we were wating for, because our bussiness theoretical knowledge will be implemented to the real field and know how the bussiness run very well. Because of some reason during an event we visited three companies only, they are ZyXEL, Kobayashi Optical Co. And Taiwan Financial Institutes (taiwan stock museum). This company visit activity allows international students to network with industry professionals, attend educational sessions and visit with industry providers about the latest products and services, in this event the studnets hone their bussiness and social etiquette skills during the various professional and social gatherings during the meetings. Everytime the students learn more about career opportunities by job shadowing with industry professionals, the Visit allows for a hands-on learning experience as well as insight into possible future careers for all international students.

e) Cultural Trips
The basic question of the great professor will be like “how will you inspire your students??” some of the profesor says that the professors need opening the students eyes to new experiencees, different cultures and a wordls of possibility, in cultural trips we went to stock museum and some sites in Taipei, visiting icon of Taiwan and other beautiful places with an educational tours, this tour took all students out of their comfort zones and into an experience that makes the students more open-minded and confident.

f) Long-term effects for the students
Nowadays UMY offers excellent opportunities to experience life and learning in another country through student summer programs, more and more students are participating in the program every year, by leaving indonesia and campus for weeks, months or semesters while continuing on with studies that contribute to their degree in another country , Study abroad is actualy bring a long-term benefit for the students we believe that this kind of program will benefits students in the future. Here are some long-term benefits it may brings:
– Students who go on to tertiary studies will find themselves more comportable in foreign environments.
– Prospective employers in almost every filed look favourably upon experience gained while living overseas and knowledge obtained of another language and culture
– Increased pressure to comunicate and relate to others develops an awarness of group dynamics and personal sensitivity towards others.
– Succesful program completion represents an excellent measure of personal flexibility, encompassing an ability to reachcompromise, focus and succeed through chalenging times.