Indonesia-South Korea Cultural camp is a 4 weeks cultural activity offered by Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.  Indonesia- South Korea Cultural Camp is a cultural learning program designed to be a platform of cultural exchange between Indonesia and Korea, to give an understanding on culture and social awareness for participants from both countries. On this program, participants will learn about culture from Indonesia and Korea while also making an international network of friendship.

The participants of Indonesia-South Korea Cultural camp were 18 students and 3 coordinator from Sun Moon University, South Korea.  This  program combines Indonesian language training with daily activities and cultural excursions to enhance the Indonesian experience to the participants.  During the 4 weeks  at the world’s largest archipelagic state, the participants’ schedules will be filled with a variety of exciting activities such as visiting Batik Rara Djonggrang for learn batik canting, learning traditional dancing, learning to make traditional food like tempe dele, learning how to membatik wood mask, visiting Merapi  and for lava tour, visiting Malioboro for shopping  and Prambanan tour.

In addition , all of them will be provided by UMY several classes teaching about Indonesia and Local  language,   English Class, Introduction to Indonesian Governmental Administration, Introduction to Indonesia Political system, Introduction to Indonesia Economic System, Introduction Economic Management and last but not least Introduction to Muhammadiyah Study.

This  wide variety of activities were organized to build up teamwork, gain cultural insight, and most of all, challenge students to break out of their comfort zones.

“Those attending Indonesia-South Korea Cultural camp  can learn about Indonesian culture through theory and practice. This will allow participants  to have comprehensive understanding about our culture, along with studying  language. I hope all of you will enjoying one month trip in special region of Yogyakarta especially UMY ” said the Vice Rector V; Prof Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc.

A representatives from Sun Moon University , Dr .Tae Hoi Huh said “Through the camp,  i believed UMY will spread the knowledge  not only through language, but culture as well. Thank you for  all your hard work and efforts  to prepare this one month cultural camp, we really appreciated. One again  we extend our sincere thanks and acknowledgements to all those buddies and organizer . Kamsahamida” he closed.

Before the closing,  all the participant they were introduced to 18 buddies and Indonesian coordinators . While staying here, they will be accompanied by each buddy . (TR)