Student Exchange



  1. Departure Preparation
  • Passport

In preparation for departure, the first thing we prepared is a passport. Making passports takes time for about three to ten days, it depends on where region or  area while we made a passports. The cost of making a 48-pages passport is around Rp 300.000,00.

  • Medical Check-Up (MCU)

While waiting for our passport, we did the medical check-up (MCU). MCU can be done at the Regional General Hospital. Who is the participants domiciled in Yogyakarta can do the Medical Check Up in RSU DR. Sardjito, RS PKU Muhammadiyah, Regional General Hospital, or in Bhayangkari Hospital. For prospective participants who are domiciled outside the province of DIY, can conduct medical check ups in their respective areas.

Implementation of MCU at the Hospital in Yogyakarta requires a relatively cheaper cost than MCU outside the province of DIY or outside Java. The cost of MCU in Yogyakarta ranges from Rp 600.000,00 to Rp 1,000,000.00. In addition, MCU service and retrieval results faster, only about 3 days of MCU results can already be taken. According to experience, medical check-up is much easier and more efficient if done in Yogyakarta and simultaneously.

  • Create and Get a Visa

For applying visa, the documents we require are passports, ID cards, and Visa Acceptance Letter from USIM. Visa making to Malaysia takes a long time compared to visa to other countries. We need 1 month to get the visa, and we can monitor our visa progress through Education Malaysia Global Service (EMGS) application that can be downloaded through our cellphone.

  • Preparing the Departure Documents

Documents that have to be prepared for departure include:

  1. Application Letter
  2. Hasil Medical Check-Up
  3. Visa Approval Letter
  4. Offer Letter
  5. Paspor
  6. Visa

The documents are scanned and stored as hard files and soft files (PDF format) for administrative purposes.

  1. Adaptation Phase

The first day came, we were warmly welcomed with Sekre FEM (Sekretary of Faculti Ekonomi and Muamalat). We were spending our time by having a quality time and having dinner. They were very nice and friendly. They treated us well as long as we were in Malaysia

Then about Malay cuisine, in general it has a taste similar to Indonesian cuisine, it's just mostly cooked with coconut milk with a thick red or yellow sauce. The price for one meal is not too high, but also not cheap. The cost for a single meal ranges from RM 3 to RM 7 for standard diner prices commonly visited by students.

Apart from taste, we also adapt in terms of language, ethics / adab in society, and how to dress. Malay is slightly different from Bahasa Indonesia, but with different dialects and terms, the first few weeks we still find it difficult to understand. But it did improve over time.

In ethical terms, Malays Malaysians apply Islamic values ​​in their daily lives such as wearing syar'I, accusing their views to the opposite sex, even very visible gaps between men and women. We often call it a "Halal Gap", which means, a man and a woman are prohibited side by side if not mahram.

  1. Daily Activities

We live like a USIM student in general. We stayed at the University Residence named "Kolej Kediaman Acacia". This residence is vertical upstairs with many booths. In one cubicle there are 3 bedrooms, a study table and chairs, a sink, and a bathroom. Although it is outdated and a little scary at first, it is clean and big enough to be a place to live.We left for campus using the Bus provided by the university. The bus passes through our residence every fifteen minutes every morning and afternoon.

Learning activities in USIM have different system with the existing system in UMY. In USIM, learning classes are conducted on large classes and tutorial classes. In one class of course accounting learning together in a large class, which then divided into small groups into Tutorial Groups and study in the tutorial class. One hour of classes in a large class duration of 3 hours, and one hour lessons in tutorial class duration 1 hour. All material is delivered in English.

  1. Final Exam

Final exam is held in a few days, and final exam has a relatively high percentage compared to the other scoring percentage (40% -50%). The final exam is done in a very large space called Council of Tuanku Canselor. Here, all the students from all faculties do the final exam. The questions asked for the answer in the form of long explanation so that USIM students often call the exam with the title "Paper". In one paper was given a duration of 3 hours and during that examinees are prohibited from leaving the room before the exam time is completed (except going to the bathroom).


  • Different curriculum standards make the pressure of learning in Malaysia greater than in Indonesia. The tasks assigned are relatively more, and the final exam plays a major role in the value earned during one semester.


  • Strengthen the intention and commitment to yourself that follow the exchange program to study.


            Rizal Yaya, Ph.D., M.Sc.,Ak.,CA.     (Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta)

            Peni Nugraheni, S.E., M.Sc., CA.      (Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta)

            Dr. Syadiyah Abdul Shukor                (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia)

            Puan Farhan                                        (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia)


  • Public Sector Accounting (Dr. rosnia Binti Marzuki)
  • Money and Capital Market (Dr. Noor Haziah Binti Hasyim)
  • Sharia Audit (Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman)
  • Audit Procedures             (Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed Ayedh)
  • Business Information System (Dr. Agoos Munalis Tahir)
  • Accounting Framework (Dr. Nurul Nazlia Binti Jamil)

All about activity in USIM

Preparation phase

For preparation phase it will same with all friends, we must have passport, preparing medhical check up and another document. And  we input our document to EMGS system, until the system 100% already fix for accept all document.  After that we must prepairing our document to apply visa in jakarta. If  we want to apply visa to malaysia, it’s not in malaysia embassy but in menara palma. After we get our visa, we going to malaysia.

Adaptation phase

Adaptation phase in my perspective, it was difficult because it’s different for langguange, weather, culture and ambience. Must to adaptation with all new friends and their character . But it’s was awesome memories, to meet new friends from another country with different background. I have friends from turkey, afganishtan, jordan and bangladesh. My frinds from turkey said . that she stress about task, because in turkey same in indonesia, there are not many task. We have same issue for adaptation. I think malaysia will be same with indonesia and the fact it’s big no, because it was different in culture and another aspect. And then adaptation for study, malaysia have a lot task every week, like journal analysis, online discussion from malaysia issue, or prepairing persentation for next week. But it’s my challenge and I was pass through it.

Regulary activity phase

Just go to campus, do all task and going back to acacia dormitory, ussually I went to campus by bus or walking about 2,7km from acacis to economis faculty. We can get the bus from 7am until 1pm after that 5pm until 8pm. There are not all bus can stop in acacia thats why, I prefer for walking to faculty. There are another option I can use grab or uber, but in my opinion it’s more expensive. For weekend I’am just in acacia to do my homework, or have a tour.

Exam phase

It was one biggest challange in USIM, I mean final exam. We arrived to usim one week before mid term. And then I have class in this week after that one week holiday before mid term and after that mid term. It was challanging because we must study about four or five chapther in each course to prepairing mid term. After that like ussually study in class. Until in 26 dec 17 it’s my first day for final exam.the ambience and culture study it’s was very different from indonesia. all of student can stay in tutorial class room make one group to study together or they are stay in library to disscuss question final exam past years until 3am or  4am. I prefer to study in acacia because it was calm situation. After know the fact usim student learn for they final exam, I  was change my style to study.I start from ba’da asar until magrib after that I have prayer and dinner. And after isya I start again until 10 pm, after that I have sleep and wake up on 12pm until 3pm to do all my preparation before final exam. After that have sleep and wake up in 5 am do prayer and take a bath after that i start again my study. It was I do from one week before final exam until the final exam pass trough. And the place for final exam it’s like a big hall and all of student usim will be doing their final exam in this place like dewan tuanku coselor, kolej kediaman permata insani and DKP 2 Fakultas Kepemimpinan dan Manajemen. The ambience of final exam like SBMPTN in Indonesia. But I can take many learning from this situation like I must have a good time managament and more work harder .

Obstacle and Solution In Overseas

          The obstacle in USIM is malaysian, I think it because from different culture. They doesn’t   open and friendly person. The solutions is we must more talkactive to make some disscussion or just to have chit chat to ask something may be or anything else ,we must  more friendly. Honestly I prefer to another student international in usim because they open minded and good to make some disscussion forum.

            System of study, it was very different. In usim there are divided into two class. Lecture class and tutorial class. And all of usim student is the type of study oriented. the good value from student usim is, there are always invited their friends who lazy to learning  until she/he want to study and make some group to disscussion from the material . the solution we must active to read another book releated this material not only from lecture book.

The solid team from UMY it’s the important aspect to reduce the obstacle in overseas . there are many issue because we have different character and background. The solution is we must not blaming each other, we must aware that we must support each other. And we must care each other .

Transpportation is one of obstacle because not all the time, the bus already in acacia. The solution is I can walk from acacia to faculty.

Non Academic Supervisor

               I don’t know who my non academic supervisor, but when I in USIM just get two non acaademic event, like hi tea and farewell party before we going back to indonesia. it’s event from Usim Allamiyah. There are no one event from economic and muamalat faculty to some activity  non academic activity.

Lecture, Course And Review Each Of Course In USIM

Strategic Management 3sks Madam UMMI

This class always active, the lecture always talking with english langguange that’s why make easy to understand the material. The task from this class is persentation, journal review and case study about what is strategic the organization used. I always have question in the end of this class and have discussion to all member in this class to answer every questions.and the madam always inform about class in facebook group. There are technical problem with my GOALS, my score mid term online test doesnt out from this system. And fix it in INTAQ GOALS.there are nothing problem be significant. And I enjoy in this class.

Fiqh Muamalat 1 3sks Dr Syahidah

Fiqih is the most nice course I take. When i come to fiqih class, I was late for two week meeting. Because there are change schedule and I doen’t know about it. I come fiqih class after mid term test. And I do my mid term test one day before I do my fiqih final exam. In this class, lecture always presentation in front of class and there are no task to student have presentation. The task from this course is attending pengajian and we must to resume it and collecting or submits  in goals. There are two pengajian, the first is talking about aspect of riba and the second one in relativity time on Al-Quran. And I always attending to lecture room, take my private class on hours before I’am attending lecture class. Course fiqih in USIM use a lot of arabic langguange.

Islamic Financial System 3sks Dr Norhazlina

In this class a half will be presented on lecture, and student a half one. This is the one unforget experience. I am one group with dinda, wahyu and adra. We persentation about islamic financial system in indonesia and persentation issue islamic financial system in indonesia. when we persentation about islamic financial system in indonesia was done well. After that the next week we persentation about issue in indonesia about islamic financial system. We divided our task who will prepare about slide, who will search issue and who will give some argument in this issue. When the day is come, I went to class, just wahyu and me on the class and lecture ask we to presentation our slide. But the issue is adinda and adra doen’t attending in this class. And the slide of persentation in adra and adinda, their number can’t  contact. Perforce wahyu and me serach the new issue and persentation without slide. It’s the first time to me, prepairing persentation on the spot.and alhamdulillah the persentation done well.  After the class over, I’am going back to acacia and find they are sleep in their bedroom . It’s make me mad but yah the persentation pass trought.  I enjoy this class, because the lecture always share funny story, yah although i don’t really undestand about her story, just follow another students in this class to laughing. From the material course perspective it’s really good, because malaysia have a lot of product in financial system.  And malaysia goverment support their islamic financial system.

Baitulmal, Wakaf and Faraid Management 3sks En Asharaf

This class like private class because there are just five students. The lecture always presentated in front of class and before class finish we have question time or discussion from the issue. The task from thi scourse is persentation and review journal. I enjoy in this class, we ussually discuss about malaysia history, talking about value value islam in malaysia.

And development baitulmal, zakat and wakaf managament in malaysia. And the next talking about faraid system in malaysia. In faraid we learn some special  issue in malaysia, and we sharing about our arguments. and now malaysia will improve thei cash wakaf to development ummah in malaysia .

Farah Adiba Okama Putri Ramadhona