History of the Establishment

Faculty of Economics UMY was established on 24th of Rabi-Ul-Akhir 1401 H or on 1st March 1981. At present, FEB UMY holds higher education of Strata 1 in economics and business consisting of Management Department, Accounting Department, and Economic Development Department. Strata 2 Program which supports Faculty of Economics and Business UMY is Magister Management Department. Management Department prepares graduates to have excellent managership and entrepreneurship with strong ethics and morals.

Accounting Department prepares graduates to have professional attitude and expertise. This professional attitude is developed by directing behavior which supports professional ethics and Islamic morals. Professional expertise is developed through a strong scholarly foundation supported with ability to use English and manual lab works or computer-based works.

 “ Faculty of Economics and Business prepares graduates with noble morals and a strong mastery of economic theories, sharp analysis, and sound expertise in management and entrepreneurship.”

Alumni of Faculty of Economics and Business can continue their study to Magister Management Department of Graduate Program UMY to enhance their mastery of science and practical competence in business. Magister Management Department  prepares its graduates to have : competence in judgment skill, problem solving skill, decision making skill, and entrepreneurship skill.