Education System

The organizing system of education at the Faculty of Economics and Business UMY employs Semester Credit Unit, a system which organizes education with credits that become the study loads for students in a study level, and uses semester as unit to organize education program. Semester Credit Unit is a learning activity witn the duration of 50 minutes of face-to-face activity, 50 minutes of structured academic activity, and 50 minutes of independent academic activity.

Semester is a time unit of activities which consists of 16 to 18 weeks of study period or other scheduled activities, and two until three weeks of assessment conducted in a semester, which generally consist of face-to-face activities, lab works, field works, examinations, home assignment, and other activities which are given success mark. Study load for students includes courses that are summarized in a curriculum, in which each course weights between 1 (one) to 6 (six) credits.

The main goal of credit system is to give opportunity to competent students to finish  their study as soon as possible. Credit system also allows students to select courses they desire to take in every semester according to their interest and ability. In addition, the composition of courses that can be taken by students in a semester is determined by prerequisite courses. The general principle of organizing education using credit system is as follows:

  1. There is no increase of level in every academic year.
  2. The weight of every course is valued with credits, which means that the number of credits vary among courses.
  3. The number of credits and the composition of course types taken in each semester can differ among students.
  4. The time period of study completion may vary among students.
  5. To certain extent, students are free to determine the number of credits taken each semester and to determine the time period to finish their study.

Faculty of Economics and Business UMY as the higher education of Muhammadiyah provides education for public, organizes educational activities based on the stipulation of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Department of National Education, Republic of Indonesia. In running its education, Faculty of Economics and Business UMY is guided, directed, and assisted by Private Higher Education Coordinating of Region V Yogyakarta  Province. In addition, as one of the charities of Muhammadiyah Organization, Faculty of Economics and Business UMY organizes its activities in line with the ideals of Muhammadiyah Organization.